Best programming language for beginners

Feb 29, 2020 16:03 · 264 words · 2 minute read beginners

Recently I get my idea changed. Once upon a time I used to think that everyone should start to learn programming with C. After some days of this, I would think that it would be better if anyone start to learn programming with Python. Even, some days ago I thought starting to learn programming with Java, not bad too.

But after a lot of research work and huge observation, I have come to a conclusion that the best language to start programming career is C++. It is easy to learn, simple, object oriented and can be used almost in all programming contest. Not only that, after learning C++, any programming language can be learnt in the shortest possible time.

Though most of the programmers think that being better programmer is more important than choosing better language for learning. But seeding better seed is more important than how good you are in seeding – a fact. However, you can start to learn with any language. Actually the gist is that one can eat crocodile if he/she can digest it.

Oh yes! Another issue – Many of us think that C++ the Complete Reference by Herbert Schildt is the best solution to learn C++. I don’t know that it is the best or not. But this book is a bad solution for the beginners. Just like a time waste.

This book is mainly for intermediate level programmers. In this book they will get all reference about advanced usage of C++. But those who are the beginners now, how will they be benefited from reading this book?

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